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Coten End Primary School

Smart School Council


Welcome to the Coten End School Council

This year we have adopted a new approach to our school council. We have joined Smart School Council which enables every child’s voice to be heard, promoting democracy across our school. At a time of deep division in our society, it’s never been more important that our young people play a central role. 

We have a Communications Team made up of 20 Year 6 pupils and they each have roles to enable all children across school to take part. Each class then takes part in a Class Meeting which encourages discussion and debate about a range of topics and subjects. Children get a chance to vote and offer further suggestions and comments. Some of these suggestions are then developed in actions across the school. 

We will keep you updated about some of our debates and actions.



22nd November 2023 - The Communications Team's Big Question and how we've resolved it

In school we created a big question, which was:

How can we make playtime happier?

The Comms team decided that we would help resolve the issue of children being lonely on the playground by having Key Stage 2 Play Leaders.  The role of Play Leaders is to run games and activities that give all children the opportunity to take part  so that no-one can be lonely.

By Zachary and Charlie