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Coten End Primary School

School Uniform

At Coten End we aim to make our uniform as flexible as possible for parents, so generic uniform such as trousers, skirts, shirts and red jumpers and cardigans (without the school badge) can be purchased from a variety of outlets, particularly as they can become messy during the course of their learning! Should you wish to purchase items with the school badge on, including polo shirts, jumpers, cardigans, the Coten End book bag, PE bag and school fleece, these can be ordered online via Myclothing, an online ordering service -

It is essential that each item of uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled with your child's name. There are many companies that supply named labels and previously many parents have used Easy2Name,, however we have found it best to use a product that 'stamps' your child's name onto the care label as this does not wash off at all.  Please follow this link to see the product,

‘Friends’ hold second hand uniform sales throughout the year should you wish to donate uniform your children have grown out of or purchase items for your children.  We also have an online ordering service for our second hand shop, please use the following link to order uniform from here,


Grey or black trousers,

Pinafore dress or skirt

Grey or black trousers or shorts

Red or white polo shirt

Red sweatshirt or jumper or cardigan

Red and white summer dress

Grey or white socks

Grey, white or red tights

Black shoes (trainers, Vans, Dr Marten-style boots, and sandals are not suitable)

A suitable coat for all weathers (any colour) – a hoodie is not an acceptable alternative for a coat. All too frequently children arrive at school without a coat and the weather throughout the day can be very changeable, regardless of the time of year.


A red Coten End book bag (Reception/Key Stage 1)

PE Kit

School bag for P.E kit

Red or white round necked t-shirt

Black PE shorts or skort

Black pumps/plimsolls for indoor PE

White Sports Socks

Black or navy blue jogging bottoms (Years 1-6 only)

Black or navy blue tracksuit top or sweatshirt (not a hoodie) (Years 1-6 only)

Trainers for outdoor PE (Years 1—6)


There should be no branded logos/designs on any of the PE clothing nor should children wear any football kit. If these are brought to school for PE, the children will be asked to take them home again and will be given spare PE kit to wear for the lesson that day.